550 18TH ST S ARLINGTON VA 22202


Note: Site Plans and Rezonings are reviewed and approved by the Arlington County Board. The Site Plans and/or Rezonings listed below are considered in the property's annual assessment and may not reflect the latest amendments considered by the Board.


Crystal House
Removing RPC#36-018-014 from SP# 13. Redevelop the site with four (4) multi-family residential residential buildings and three (30 new stics of townhouse-style multifamily units for a total of 819 new units. Total on-site units will increase to 1,647 and approx. 800 sf of retail. Above grade parking structure. Total Site GFA = 1,812,499 Total # of residential units = 1,647 (828 units existing). CH-1&2 (EXISTING) = 828 UNITS CH-3 = 432 UNITS (11-story) CH-4 = 222 UNITS (11- story) CH-5 = 81 UNITS (7-story) CH-6 = 63 UNITS (story) Parking spaces 1,169 spaces (765 spaces existing) CH-8 = 14 UNITS Retail GFA = 9,080 sf (8,280sf existing)
If grading and footing permit has not been issued for the first building to be constructed pursuant to the approved Site Plan or Condition 42(B) has not been satisfied, then this Site Plan approval expires on 12/30/2022.

This property is not part of a Rezoning.

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